Art by Sarah Gibson

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Sarah Gibson


My name is sarah and I am an artist and multi-instrumentalist. I channel my profound connection to music into every creation. Drawing from diverse genres and personal experiences, my art reflects the dynamic relationship between sound and sight. From the soothing strains of classical compositions to the electrifying pulse of modern beats, each artwork resonates with the spirit of the music that inspired it.

Our Story

Welcome to Saranade, where music and art beautifully collide. I’m Sarah Gibson, an artist and multi-instrumentalist, and this is my journey. Inspired by the melodies and rhythms that have always surrounded me, I discovered a connection between the music I create and the visual art that flows from it. Saranade, a blend of my name and "serenade," symbolizes each piece as a tribute to the music that inspires it.

About US

Art is the silent music that echoes the soul's deepest melodies, painting the sounds we can only feel.

sarah gibson